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Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil

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Association of Financial Education in Brazil

Our  challenges are a diverse public and the scope of Financial Education.

Management and Transparency

AEF-Brazil is dedicated to intermediate management and operation, a specific management model of civil society, when the organization captures financial and technical resources and the partnerships needed for developing programs and projects that will support other organizations, thus not offering service or social and educational assistance directly to users and beneficiaries.

Another differential is that it develops its projects through service providers or partners specialized in their areas, understanding that the dimension and specificity of the programs and projects requires specialists with greater execution capacity. This management model guarantees AEF-Brazil some differentials:

  • Small operating team, with the program and project management profile;
  • Representation in programs and project development through consultant specialists who will collaborate towards achieving better results;
  • Institutional competences geared towards capturing resources and the articulation of partnerships for achieving its results, thus permitting a more strategic and analytic vision, positioning it as a reference in the sector in which it operates.

This management model enables AEF-Brazil to develop high quality projects for different publics, a needed characteristic for an organization with the challenges of a diversity of publics and the scope of Financial Education.


Our financial statements are audited and made available to society. For more information access our Annual Activity Reports (in portuguese):

2018 Annual Activities Report (in portuguese), 2017 Annual Activities Report (in portuguese)Audit Report 2016 (in portuguese)Audit Report 2015 (in portuguese)Audit Report 2014 (in portuguese), 2013 Annual Activities Report (in portuguese) and 2011/2012 Activities Report (in portuguese) or read our Statute AEF-Brasil (in portuguese)

Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil
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