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Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil

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Association of Financial Education in Brazil

We are a nonprofit organization, qualified as an OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest). AEF-Brazil’s institutional structure is provided by its four supporters and its portfolio for projects and initiatives can be sponsored or supported in their development by private enterprise, government or civil society entities that understand Financial Education as an important theme that contributes towards its institutional objectives as well as the country’s development.


Who we are

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – OCDE (2005), financial education is “the process through which individuals and society improve their understanding in relation to financial concepts and products, so that, with information, education and orientation, they can develop the values and skills needed to become more aware of the opportunities and risks involved therein and, thus, make well-informed choices, know where to look for help and adopt other actions that improve their well-being. They can thus contribute in a more consistent manner to the formation of responsible individuals and societies, committed to the future” (Director Plan for the National Strategy for Financial Education, ENEF, 2010).

Operating on a national scope, ENEF aims at promoting financial and social security education free of charge and to contribute towards the strengthening of citizenship, the efficiency and solidity of the national financial system and conscious decision-making on the part of consumers.

Financial Education is a cause that contributes effectively towards the country’s social and economic development, because it provides the population with competences and skills needed in their lives for adding planning, income management, savings, investment and an understanding of their rights. The Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil (Association of Financial Education in Brazil) ’s mission is to make Financial Education an important theme, on a national basis, and for such it operates in the development of social and educational technologies with the objective of making them available to society free of charge.

Because they believe in the importance of Financial Education for a solid financial system and for the quality of life of Brazilian society, four representative institutions for the financial market, ANBIMA – Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association; B3 – Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange; CNSeg – National Confederation of Insurance, Private Pension and Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization Companies; and FEBRABAN – Brazilian Federation of Banks, created AEF-Brazil in 2011 to raise this cause to the highest level in Brazil. Enabling every Brazilian to have Financial Education is providing equal opportunities in autonomous and healthy decision making for their lives, and thus strengthening citizenship. Thus, by carrying out its projects, AEF-Brazil contributes towards economic and social development and, most especially, toward exercising full citizenship and the practice of democracy.
AEF – Brazil has a qualified technical team, specialized in education and project development, which makes its expertise available for constructing educational and social technologies developed for different publics, like children, youths and adults, in different phase of their lives.

figura OSCIPOn April 26, 2013, it was qualified by the Ministry of Justice as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest – OSCIP.

Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil
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