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Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil

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Association of Financial Education in Brazil

Social technologies are products, techniques and/or reapplicable methodologies in different contexts since they are developed in the interaction with the beneficiary public and through rigorous development and testing methods, thus representing effective solutions for social problems.

Social and Educational Technologies

AEF-Brazil’s action is strategically dedicated to developing educational and social technologies, since Financial Education is a new area for Brazilian society and, despite the existence of several actions, a more qualified analysis becomes necessary of those factors that trigger healthy financial behavior. Because of this need, AEF-Brazil considers interaction with the beneficiary public important in the construction phase of social technology, bringing this technology closer to its reality, language and social-cultural context.

This phase of interaction with the final beneficiary and technical rigor in technology construction, enable AEF-Brazil to approach relevant results so other organizations can be partners in the dissemination. These technical aspects include the development process of an educational program or action as an experiment or test with strict selection, monitoring, evaluation and systematization criteria of the experience, guaranteeing the identification of a lower cost model of application and better guarantee of positive effects.

The social and educational technologies in Financial Education are an effective contribution by AEF-Brazil for developing and qualifying public, social and educational policies tied to the theme. For us, exercising this role can provide greater efficacy for the challenges of insertion and mobilization of changes in Brazilian society.

Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil
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