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Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil

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Association of Financial Education in Brazil

The Financial Education Program geared towards High School students is an educational technology that has already been developed and is ready for dissemination.

The books are arranged in 72 didactic situations with texts, stories, images and tables linked to the theme. At the end of each one, the student can experiment carrying out the actions tied to the addressed theme with the teacher’s support. These didactic situations are divided into three blocks:

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3
Short term Personal and Family Life Situations

  • Everyday Family Life
  • Social LifePersonal
  • Property
Mid and long term Personal and Family Life Situations

  • Work
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Big Projects
Country and World Situations in Articulation with their Personal and Family life in the short, mid and long term

  • Public Properties
  • Country’s economy
  • World’s economy

Financial Education in High School

This educational technology was tested in the 2010 and 2011, as a pilot project, involving 891 public schools from 5 states of Brazil (TO, RJ, MG, SP and CE) and the Federal District, with the participation of approximately 27,000 students and 1800 teachers. Its result, based on a rigorous evaluation method from the World Bank, pointed to greater capacity of the youths to save, make monthly expense lists, negotiate prices and methods of payment by making purchases, as well as constructing personal plans for achieving his objectives. In this pilot project, in which the students’ parents were involved, there was greater relationship between them in dialoguing about financial matters, such as family household budgets, for example.

The differentials for this technology are:

  • Social-environmental responsibility as a relevant factor and tied to the citizen’s behavior;
  • The student as a multiplier of knowledge within the environments in which he lives, especially his family;
  • Autonomous decision making, considering there are several ways to deal with financial matters.

The set of books was developed with the support of the Instituto Unibanco (Unibanco Institute), in collaboration with the Pedagogical Support Group, led by the Ministry of Education, and special participation by Orientações para Educação Financeira nas Escolas-CONSED( National Council of Secretaries of Education) and União Nacional dos Dirigentes Municipais de Educação – UNDIME ( National Union of Municipal Education Managers), and also with public and private institutions, representative of the financial sector. The content and the didactic situations that comprise the books are aligned with the various areas of knowledge and the school life of High School youths, which enables teachers to work with everyday financial content of these youths associated with that moment in their lives, such as work, entrepreneurism, achievements, desires, protection, investment, family and university.


The proposed dissemination strategies are:

  • Open format: under construction, with projected delivery for the start of 2014 – an area in the Vidaedinheiro website so public and private schools with the Instituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais – INEP (National Institute for Educational Studies and Researches)  code have access to books and manuals in PDF format, providing conditions for free dissemination.
  • Assisted Format: through a partnership with the Ministry of Education, in 2014, 2974 High Schools that participated in the pilot project, that participate in the Ensino Médio Inovador (Innovative High School) and Mais Educação (More Education) Programs and that have made the option to offer economic education to their students, will receive hard copy books and their teachers will be offered, through AEF-Brazil, in-class and remote education with the objective of contributing towards development of the theme in classroom; furthermore, the Association seeks educational institutions interested, through social franchise, in using the books with their students. In this format, they receive authorization to print out the material and access to the application manuals in educational networks and systems.

If your school would like to apply the project, contact us, or visit the site


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