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Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil

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Association of Financial Education in Brazil

Besides contributing to thought in areas of knowledge in Financial Education, it also contributes to improvements in student performance in Portuguese and Mathematics.

Financial Education in Elementary School

Believing that Financial Education contributes to a change in quality of life for all involved and that it constitutes “a fundamental strategy for helping people to realize their individual and collective dreams”, it has become indispensable to think of pedagogical activities and methodologies that are also aligned with the formal content of financial education for the nine years of Elementary Education in the country.

The pedagogical project is in compliance with the “Orientações para Educação Financeira nas Escolas” (Guidelines for Financial Education at Schools) document, of the National Strategy for Financial Education, and it is structured to contribute to the main issues in school today, creating thought in Financial Education at the outset of Elementary Education. With regard to learning, besides contributing to thought in areas of knowledge in Financial Education, it also contributed to improvements in student performance in Portuguese and Mathematics, because its content and pedagogical proposal were also constructed with this objective.

The pedagogical project and the educational activities proposed were constructed and validated by representatives of the educational and financial sectors, including the Ministry of Education, UNDIME and CONSED. The technology was developed based on the reproduction of the idea of a cycle and integrating the formal content (financial) to the social content (real life situations for the students’ age group, involving personal and financial organization and decisions on consumption and savings). Thus, nine books are in their final phases – student and teacher – corresponding to each year of Elementary Education, with BM&FBOVESPA’s support.

The books, concluded in 2013, should enter in the application phase in coming years with the pilot project so we can evaluate the response of students and teachers to their content. This project will be applied at 820 public schools, distributed among the three administrative spheres, located in the five regions of Brazil, and seeking to involve 7,380 teachers and 164,000 students. Given the complexity of the public’s age and the development of this project, the evaluation and application of the pilot project were constructed considering the age group and stage of educational development of the children and teens, the template for skills and the need for two-phase observation, one in the beginning and the other at the end of the second year. Furthermore, monitoring of the pilot project is predicted. It will have an instrument identified as a portfolio, which will enable the teachers and students to contribute with an analysis of the implementation and which will also function as an evaluation tool for educational material.

Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil
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