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Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil

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Association of Financial Education in Brazil

“Financial education has always been important for helping people plan and manage their incomes, save, invest and guarantee a more tranquil financial life. Over recent years, its relevance has grown as a result of the development of financial markets and banking inclusion, as well as demographic, economic and political changes.”

Director Plan
ENEF, 2010

Financial Education

The Estratégia Nacional de Educação Financeira – ENEF ( National Strategy for Financial Education), instituted by Decree no. 7.397 of December 22, 2010, aims at promoting financial and social security education and to contribute towards the strengthening of citizenship, the efficiency and solidity of the national financial system and conscious decision-making on the part of consumers.

ENEF was instituted as a permanent government policy proposal with the need for joint, public and private action, through centralized management and decentralized execution. Art. no. 2 of the decree provides the following guidelines:

I – permanent action and on a national scope;
II – financial education actions free of charge;
III – prevalence of public interest;
IV – action through information, formation and orientation;
V – centralization of management and decentralization of activity execution;
VI – formation of partnerships with public bodies and entities and private institutions; and
VII – permanent periodic evaluations and revisions.

Financial Education is relevant for several publics and it is a transversal cause from the organizational, thematic and sectorial perspective. Many organizations are already contributing with educational and social actions aimed at promoting in Brazilians the capacity to make conscious financial decisions for their lives and for the country’s economy.

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Associação de Educação Financeira do Brasil
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